Sean Hannity Endorses Goldco for Diversifying Portfolios with Precious Metals


At a time of market insanity, Hannity cites physical gold and silver as safe haven assets to protect one’s retirement savings that may now be at risk

March 1, 2022 LOS ANGELES, CA – Goldco, a leading precious metals provider, today announced its partnership with Sean Hannity, one of the Nation’s top talk show hosts and conservative political commentator. Mr. Hannity’s endorsement of Goldco’s product offerings comes at a time when the U.S. is suffering from rising inflation, skyrocketing National debt, increasing taxes and surging geopolitical tensions. These macroeconomic factors have historically wreaked havoc on Americans’ retirement savings according to SeekingAlpha – especially those that were not diversified with physical gold and silver.

Mr. Hannity also recently sounded the alarm on the Russia-Ukraine tensions, stating that “the conflict could spiral out of control very quickly. Weakness is not an option.” With Russia’s threat of cyber attacks, it has many Americans wondering if their retirement savings are safe from potential hacks into the U.S. banking system. Mr. Hannity states, “We need to be vigilant about protecting our hard earned money. For centuries, precious metals have been known as safe-haven assets, in particular, in times of uncertainty.” He goes on to say, “That’s why Goldco is the only precious metals company that I recommend to my audience, friends and family. I’ve done my research and they are the best at what they do.”

According to Trevor Gerszt, Founder and CEO of Goldco, his company has achieved a record number of 5-star ratings and reviews recently from customers who sought out precious metals to protect and grow their life savings. Mr. Gerszt comments, “Our goal is to make precious metals ownership a reality for all Americans who seek financial independence and security. I am ecstatic that Mr. Hannity fosters those same beliefs and entrusts Goldco to deliver the highest standards in customer service, precious metals delivery and the highest price buy-back guarantee for customers.”

Investing in precious metals with Goldco has never been easier.  Anyone seeking ways to diversify their retirement savings, can do so in three simple steps. Call 855.483.1718 and ask about the Sean Hannity Special Promotion.

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