Are Central Banks Behind Gold’s Current Performance?

While 2022 may have been a disappointing year overall for gold, 2023 has gotten off to an amazing start, with the yellow metal blowing through the $1,900 barrier and pushing…

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The Future of the Dollar Could Be in Saudi Arabia’s Hands

For nearly 80 years the US dollar has been the world’s reserve currency. That status was born out of victory in World War II, but was threatened only a few…

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Is a Silver IRA a Good Idea?

Many Americans today are looking at ways to try to protect their wealth. More and more people are becoming afraid of the possibility of recession, as recession often brings with…

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You’ve Heard of Peak Oil, But What About Peak Gold?

While many people may think the earth is a source of unlimited energy and raw materials, that isn’t necessarily the case. And while we may be familiar with the depletion…

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How the Latest Debt Limit Fight Could Impact You

Death and taxes aren’t the only two things that are certain in life. The third is that Washington just can’t figure out how not to spend like a drunken sailor….

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How to Open a Precious Metals IRA

With fears of recession growing among more and more Americans, the possibility of a 2008-style recession seems to be growing by the day. Millions of Americans have benefited from the…

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Is Your Bank in Regulators’ Crosshairs?

In the aftermath of the 2008 financial crisis, big US banks faced numerous calls to be broken up. After a $700 billion bailout and fears that the financial system had…

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Most Americans Don’t Understand How Inflation Works

Entire generations of Americans grew up thinking that high inflation was a thing of the past. But events of the past few years have shattered that illusion. For anyone used…

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How Does a Precious Metals IRA Work?

Many Americans today are looking for ways to protect their assets. Whether it’s college savings, retirement savings, or even just money in the bank, high inflation and the prospect of…

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The 2 Factors Driving Gold and Silver Prices Higher

Gold and silver have been on a tear so far this year, which probably shouldn’t be all that surprising given the many headwinds facing the economy right now. But why…

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