Who Will Crack First: Markets or Consumers?

While inflation continues to rise and cause the economy to weaken, you wouldn’t know it from looking at various economic Stock markets, for instance, have now largely shrugged off their fears of a deepening war in Ukraine and seem…

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The Impetus Behind Forming the Federal Reserve System

In part one of this series, we began exploring the Federal Reserve, what it does, and how it can impact your financial In this part, we’ll delve a little deeper into why the Fed was formed, how it operates,…

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Is the Petrodollar System Coming to an End?

Everyone today knows that the US dollar is the world’s reserve More dollars are held as foreign exchange reserves than any other currency in the world, and more international transactions are made with dollars than with any other

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The Federal Reserve: What It Is and Why It Matters for Your Finances

You’ve probably heard about the Federal Reserve System, but do you know what it does, and how what it does impacts your finances and investments? If you’re like most Americans, you may have a general understanding of what the Fed…

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Are We on the Verge of a Dollar Crash?

Massive uncertainty has been rocking currency markets for quite some time, and due to the added volatility of the stock market, it’s not surprising that investors are steering in a different direction to safeguard against global market In fact,…

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Will Sanctions on Russia Expose the Dollar’s Weakness?

When President Putin announced that he was sending peacekeeping troops into Ukraine, Western governments immediately responded by pledging The big question is, will these sanctions have any effect on Russia, or will they merely expose the impotence and ineptitude…

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3 Ways the Ukraine Crisis Could Affect You

After weeks of warning that Russia was going to invade Ukraine, President Putin finally made the decision to send Russian peacekeeping troops into separatist-controlled areas of eastern The decision was met with widespread disapproval in the West, and while…

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