Gold Price Rises as International Events Take Center Stage

While all eyes have been on the Federal Reserve in recent weeks, events in Europe have shaken things up, bringing the realization that the trigger for the next recession could…

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Russian Gold Exchange Plan Could Upend Precious Metals Markets

When the history of the war in Ukraine is finally written, the most long-lasting effect of it may not be its geopolitical ramifications or even geographical changes. In fact, it…

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Queen Elizabeth’s Death Driving Gold and Silver Sales

Most people alive today have only known one English monarch, Queen Elizabeth II. The longest-reigning monarch in British history, and the second-longest reigning monarch in world history (behind Louis XIV…

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The Lurking Danger of Stagflation

Now that summer is coming to an end, kids are back at school, and businesses are gearing up for the end of the year push, things are getting back to…

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Gold and Silver Aren’t Impacted by Shrinkflation

With inflation at the highest levels we’ve seen in 40 years, American consumers are dealing with issues that they haven’t seen on a large scale in decades. Among those is…

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The Major Benefits of Owning Physical Gold

In these uncertain times, millions of people are looking for ways to protect their wealth against the possibility of a future recession. And more and more of those people are…

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Will a Stronger IRS Push More Investors to Gold?

A lot has been written in the news recently about the IRS deciding to increase its enforcement of tax laws. Because when the American people are suffering under inflation at…

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Gold Stays Strong Despite Rate Hikes, Inflation Pullback

With the news that year-on-year inflation declined slightly in July, markets seemed to take that as a sign that the worst is now over. Clearly the Federal Reserve’s rate hikes…

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Are There Any Safe Havens Today?

Recent developments in the economy have more and more people worried about the direction the economy is heading. Now that we know that the economy is contracting, and that recession…

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When Is a Recession Not a Recession?

After months of constantly rising inflation, discussion of the economy has begun to turn towards the R-word: recession. The shock of a first quarter that saw GDP contracting, when everyone…

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